Dolce Far Niente | The art of doing nothing

dolce far niente lemonical beach towels LEMONICAL

What does Dolce Far Niente mean? This is a fine relaxation and carefree state of the mind. This is time for you. Time you devote to doing absolutely nothing.

Dolce Far Niente is an italian phrase, expressing the art of doing nothing. For example taking your favorite LEMONICAL towel and going to your favorite spot, beach or a beautiful green field, where you can lay on your towel, relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Only when a person allows himself to take time for themself and relax, their consciousness he can recharge. Those are the moments, when we turn to our inner self and mute the outside noises.

More people are experiencing „burnout“. This is not because of too much work. This is rather an intensive, long period during which we mute our own inner voice and do things, which separate us from who we are. This is also the reason for stress in the workplace, which is not due to the large amount of tasks, but because we do things which we don’t care about.

The aim of each individual is to get to know himself and create the life, which makes him feel good and wake up each morning ready to conquer the day, full with energy and awaiting beautiful surprises.

This is also the basic philosophy of Dolce Far Niente – to do nothing on schedule and just enjoy life. To allow our body to relax, so that our mind can relax as well and help us „see“.

Dolce Far Niente matches the „FEEL GOOD“ concept of LEMONICAL. A concept for a colorful and active life, surrounded by the people we love. There is nothing more important than asking yourself what you really want, what makes you happy, and live life accordingly.

Stop and ask yourself regularly – does this make me happy?

And if the answer is „yes¨ then you know you are on the right track.

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Compact towel for travelling

Lemonical Christmas Sale

When we first came up with the idea of LEMONICAL towels, we were on the road. One beautiful adventure through an exotic city, a shopping trip “women only” – meaning there were no boundaries for us. Each one held a few bags in each hand, and each bag had several smaller bags in it, full with new stuff.  Shopping all day long, absorbing different views, smells and energies throughout this beautiful city, exploring the history of many generations. By evening we would go back to the hotel to refresh and get ready to attack the night.

However, no matter how good an adventure feels, it eventually comes to an end. A point at which we need to buckle up the suitcase… This is the moment when you realize what is important to you. You start discovering new ways to fold clothes, you YouTube How To videos for getting the most out of your suitcase space, you discover ways to put your shoes into each other… And when all is in and you take a last look around the room you see her – The Towel. Big, fat towel, which is impossible to get into the already full suitcase. At this point she is your enemy, and no matter how much you love her, you know you have to leave her. In this unknown city. Alone. Away from home…

Now, image the ultra thin, compact LEMONICAL towels, which weight about 280 grams, and take up the space of a T-shirt. Fresh, colorful, sexy and beautiful, your LEMONICAL towel dries in a matter of minutes, which makes it ideal for travel. And if your suitcase cannot fit her in – you just accessorize your outfit by simply putting the towel on your neck like a scarf!

In addition to that, the LEMONICAL towels keep their colors and shape throughout many washings. They are multifunctional – one towel can serve you throughout all the seasons! Beach, bath, scarf, pareo, light blanket, travel, picnic, guest towel, you name it. And if your children see it, you will have to buy another.J

We believe that you will fall in love with your LEMONICAL towel just as much as we have fallen in love with them. So just grab your favorite towel and lay on an exotic beach, or go climb the highest mountain and take a selfie. Visit the Dubai desert and watch a dervish dance, or cross the German – Austrian border in one of the underground tunnels. Have you been in St. Petersburg during the white nights? Have you visited the Swarovski Museum? Have you had an ice-cold beer on a summer night on the top of an old building, with a view to the Hagia Sophia Church and the Blue Mosque, while listening to the evening prayer? Have you felt the breeze of the ocean?

Check out all Lemonical towels here:

What are you waiting for?

Multifunctional Towel

Phoenix Lemonical Beach towel

Just like every new product, the LEMONICAL towels grabbed my attention immediately. Their colors mesmerized me! Then I noticed the different patterns, the large size (180×100 cm), how compact they are (when folded, the LEMONICAL towels take very little space in your beach bag). I was convinced that I want such towel and will never regret my purchase!

So I bought it!

I took my towel home and washed it. I then waited patiently for the weekend to arrive so I could take my towel to the beach. It wasn’t long before I figured I could use my towel right in that moment – as a bath towel.

How amazing was the after-bath-feeling with my LEMONICAL towel. Nothing like the regular, boring terry towels I had up to that moment. The LEMONICAL towels are very fine, made of 100% cotton, which makes them ideal for sensitive skin. The drying process with a LEMONICAL towel is a great pleasure for the senses – gentle to the skin, with beautiful, sexy colors. I was in love with my towel. And should I mention my amazement when my new towel dried within 30 minutes? I couldn’t go back to using regular towels anymore…

They say “ it´s easy to get used to the good stuff “. And they are right.

Now that the weekend was near I needed one more towel for the beach, since this one was already assigned as my bath towel from now on. So I bought one more LEMONICAL towel, which I took to the beach on the weekend. The new towel was even more colorful and bold. I was so proud of it!

My beach bag was almost empty with the new towel, as it was so compact and light, that I needed some time to get used to the new beachin´ experience with my LEMONICAL towel.

Beachtime will never be the same with LEMONICAL Towels I thought. I was so proud and grateful when looking down at my new towel….and I wasn´t the only one looking at it 🙂

And then I was surprised yet again. My towel didn´t hold on any sand. How happy was I to discover this almost magical fact! I easily shook off the little sand and quickly pulled my towel back in my bag.

Fast drying, beautiful colors, super-light and compact, sand free – this towel was pure magic! The truth is beachtime will never be the same with LEMONICAL Towels.

You can browse all towels HERE and order them to your door with our worldwide shipping available. We offer free delivery on orders over 100 euros.

Hair care during summer

Lemonical beach towel and bag - Greece

LEMONICAL believes in beautiful and healthy hair. This article will give you our suggestions for hair care during the hot summer days, when you need to protect your locks from the strong sun and the salt water – two main elements of an active summer.

We all know that the sun dries the hair. This is why we need all the hydration we can get – both inside and out.

Health (and beauty) starts from within, therefore we need to adapt our diet. During the hot summer months we need to eat more fruits and vegetables, as well as all sorts of fresh food. Who would say no to the diversity of natural and fresh foods? Fruits and vegetables are extremely healthy for our overall health and well-being. The beauty of the hair comes from the balanced lifestyle, good food and enough sleep.

In addition to the good diet, we need to increase the water intake during the hot summer days (and nights!). In cooler months we need around 2 liters of water per day, and in the warmer months we need to double this amount. It is difficult at first, but then the body becomes used to the new habit and reminds you to hydrate. The water helps the body to cool down during the summer heats; it also helps for the good function of all organs; water aids the process of having a good skin; it can even reduce headaches of different types. In addition, water can help reduce the excess weight we carry.

Another important element for healthy and beautiful hair during the summer is to avoid using dryers. Let your hair dry naturally. You will see results within the first few times after you let your locks dry naturally. In addition you will notice beautiful, natural highlights (that is if you let your hair dry naturally in the sun). The highlights will be a great contribution to the oh-so-modern balayage hairstyle.

Another key elements of the hair care in summer is hydrating products – shampoo, conditioner, serum. It is of great importance to adapt the products according to the season. Summer requires hydrating products. Remember to always use the shampoo in the roots and conditioner on the lengths. Rinse well. Serum, or essential oils, are good for styling the hair, when the careless hairstyles are on-pointe.

Lets not forget the hat! It is a great measure to protect the hair from the sun. There are so many hat styles, so just go and choose the one which suits you best. Hats are so in!

This is our recommendation for hair care during summer! LEMONICAL reminds you to live an active life and have fun! And if you happen to go to the beach, choose one of our amazing beach towels here !


Lemonical Beach towel in Malta

Lemonical is a Lifestyle Concept. Colorful. Active. A life of sharing time with our loved ones.

When we reach our 30s, we are more involved in thoughts concerning our existence and the meaning of life. This is the time when we start feeling the difference between reality and dreams. This is the age of our growth.

No one wants to wake up at 75 and realize that the last 45 years of their life were spent doing the same thing over and over again. Every night we go to bed with hopes and promises to change something in the morning, and each morning we have procrastinated this most important task for later.

And so on… for 45 years in a row.

There is nothing more important than to ask our selves what is it we want out of our lives, what makes us happy and follow that. To take the actions to reach this change.

The reasons behind the procrastination are many. According to many specialists, the main reason is often fear. Fear of failure. Fear of what people will say. Fear of the unknown…

This is the signal, which our body sends us. Fear…

As some may know, our body has its own ways to communicate with us which we rarely listen to it, and most of the time ignore. Fear is a clear indicator that something new is taking place. This new thing will take us out of our comfort zone and all known patterns we are so used to will disappear. Making place for new patterns to appear.

This is how change takes place. We cannot fight old habits. We need to build new ones, and the old habits will disappear on their own.

This is our idea….

Our products are bold and adventurous, in addition to being multi functional… LEMONICAL is a Feel Good Concept. If something makes you happy, then its good for you.

We need to insist on feeling good and to seek new ways to reach the feel good state every day. We need to fight our comfort zones, where everything is easy and known. We need to go out when we most need to stay home and hide. We need to choose neon bold colors, when we are used to black and grey colors. We need to go to a picnic and meet new people, who are there with the same aim – to meet new people and have fun in nature. We need to travel. To know the world, because this is the only way to know ourselves.

We need to stop and ask ourselves – does this make me happy? And if the answer is „yes!“, then we know that we did the right thing. That morning, when we chose to follow our dreams, and keep up with our decisions to make a good change and fight old patterns.



Roundie – The Round Towel

Ellada Round Beach & Picnic Towel

The Round Towel, a.k.a. Roudnie or Roundie Towel, is a relatively new type of beach towel, which is the hottest beach trend around the world.

Due to its round shape this type of towel is crazy functional!

First and most important – it is a great personal towel! Ideal for beach and picnic! Large enough to fit you, without worrying that sand may reach your hair while you lay on the beach… It is also suitable to be used as a cover or a light blanket, in case that the sea breeze gets chillier. Just lay on your roundie and enjoy nature…

The Round towel is large! The LEMONICAL Roundies are 150 – 160 cm, depending on which one you choose. This makes it ideal for a double towel! Carry one towel for 2 people! Great, isn‘t it! And it still weights less than the average towels (between 700 – 900 gr. depending on the roundie you choose). It takes less space than the average towel too!

The size and shape of the roundie are ideal for children! Especially babies, who do not like the sand! Simply place your child on the towel and surround him/her with their favorite toys and do not worry that sand will get on the way!

Having bright, candy colors make the LEMONICAL Round Towels ideal for your children.

Visit our Roundies at this link:


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