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New Generation Towels ...

Ultra thin and lightweight ...

Extremely compact ...

Surprisingly soft, made of 100% cotton ...

Beautiful and different!

FEEL GOOD Concept !

Колекция снимки с вашитe LEMONICAL приключения от всички краища на света!

Разгледайте ги!

Безплатна Доставка!

За всички поръчки над 100 лв. получавате безплатна доставка.



… символ на идеята да живеем по-цветно, да се забавляваме и дръзко да се хвърляме в приключения, заобиколени от нашите близки и приятели.

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Beautiful beach towels

Ladies are pretty pretentious in regards to our appearance. At summertime, our styling is...
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Beach Towel for Men

Are you looking for a beach towel, which would be suitable for men? You have arrived at the right...
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The ideal present – LEMONICAL towel

If you love someone and you want to make them happy with a unique and interesting present – you can get them a LEMONICAL towel.

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Compact towel for travelling

…ultra thin, compact LEMONICAL towels, which weight about 280 grams, and take up the space of a T-shirt. Fresh, colorful, sexy and beautiful, your LEMONICAL towel dries in a matter of minutes, which makes it ideal for travel. And if your suitcase cannot fit her in – you just accessorize…

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Special Pre-Christmas Sale of All Our Products

… we have decided to launch a Pre-Christmas Sale on all our products, for the entire month of December. Thus, you can find discount prices before Christmas, and save on your budget for the Christmas lunch with the family and enjoy the holiday season.

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