No more boring towels ...

Ultra thin and lightweight ...

Extremely compact ...

Surprisingly soft, made of 100% cotton ...

Cool and trendy!

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No more boring towels

Icon Beach

♥  Beautiful, sexy colors

♥  Absorbent and fast drying

♥  Don‘t hold on to sand

Icon Bath

♥  100% cotton

♥  Gentle to the skin

(ideal for children and babies)

Icon Gift

♥  Everyone will love them

♥  Ultra light and compact

♥  Not another boring towel

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Multifunctional Towel

Just like every new product, the LEMONICAL towels grabbed my attention immediately. Their colors mesmerized me! Then I noticed the different patterns, the large size (180x100 cm), how compact they...

Hair care during summer

LEMONICAL believes in beautiful and healthy hair. This article will give you our suggestions for hair care during the hot summer days, when you need to protect your locks from the strong sun and the...


Lemonical is a Lifestyle Concept. Colorful. Active. A life of sharing time with our loved ones. When we reach our 30s, we are more involved in thoughts concerning our existence and the meaning of...

Roundie – The Round Towel

The Round Towel, a.k.a. Roudnie or Roundie Towel, is a relatively new type of beach towel, which is the hottest beach trend around the world. Due to its round shape this type of towel is crazy...

Beautiful beach towels

Дамите сме изключително претенциозни към всяка част от нашата визия. Лятото, визията ни се върти около морската тематика – плажна прическа, шоколадов тен, по-бели зъби, красиви рокли, цветни бански...

Ultra light beach towels and towels for swimming and SPA

The ultra light LEMONICAL beach towels are the ultimate beach accessory this summer! They are different from every towel you know. The ultra light LEMONICAL towels have many qualities, and beach...

Kids beach towel | Baby beach towel

With the summer approaching, many parents start wondering what would be the best beach towel for their children. We have considered many aspects and have made a special selection of beach towels,...

7 reasons to choose a LEMONICAL beach towel

Do you know the difference between a thin LEMONICAL towel and a regular towel? The LEMONICAL beach towels travel to the most exotic beaches around the world and send some pictures back to us! The...

The ideal present – LEMONICAL towel

If you love someone and you want to make them happy with a unique and interesting present – you can get them a LEMONICAL towel.

Special Pre-Christmas Sale of All Our Products

Christmas is a special holiday for all parts of the world. It symbolizes the family, and its unity. The world begins to prepare for Christmas from early October. Large cities place beautiful...

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